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Sharing everyday oracle stories

1431946741785I did not receive many writings or notes from my Dad throughout life. Many years after his passing I found a card; in the corner it said “Don’t forget your Creator, who can make things that are humanly impossible, possible.” These words have become very meaningful and inspiring to me in the last couple years!

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When my mother was in hospice, I was thinking of flowers I could take to her. I realized she never told us what her favorite flower was; I asked her and she said Daisies. After she passed, at different times, I noticed wild daisies growing in my yard that I did not plant. I had also planted daisies a couple years back that I had forgot about. This summer they were abundant and green but had not bloomed. I noticed, before my mother’s passing date was coming up, they were getting ready to bloom. I thought, I bet they bloom on her date. Well that date passed and they did not. Well, the following week I was having surgery, was nervous and really missing my mom. The morning of surgery I woke up and I noticed the daisies had bloomed. I felt encouraged and knew my mom was with me.

Sharing Personal Everyday Oracles


This blog is based on a wonderful book I have read “Everyday Oracles” by Ann Bollinger-McQuade. The purpose of this blog is to share similar types of stories that would encourage all in their everyday life and circumstances. I would suggest reading the book first or at least some to get an idea of the theme. This is not to promote any one religion, belief, etc. but for the pure edification of how people get messages through intuiton, nature and many other ways that get us through our life circumstances and give us guidance. This blog is not to judge others experiences but take from it whatever encourages one’s soul. Hope it inspires all that read it as it has me.